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The Resident Doctors of BC


Resident Spotlight: Dr. Varun Bajaj

Hey, Residents! We're back with another Spotlight. For the month of May, we interviewed Dr. Varun Bajaj, an IMG and PGY-2 in Family Medicine. We chatted about his decision to do his residency in Canada, the process to get there, his experiences in residency, future plans and more. Happy reading!


Resident Spotlight: Dr. Michael Multan

Hey, residents! Since we last published a Resident Spotlight feature, the world sure has changed. This interview was conducted prior to the spread of COVID-19 in Canada, and touches briefly on risk communication in the wake of it—a topic that was being discussed as back as early February. We intervi...


Resident Spotlight: Dr. Lois Addo

Happy 2020, Residents! Resident Spotlight is back for its third year, and we are starting things off with Dr. Lois Addo, a PGY-2 in Family Medicine. Dr. Addo holds an interest in palliative care, and has a background in pharmacy, both of which we were happy to chat with her about. Happy reading!