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The Resident Doctors of BC


Resident Spotlight: Dr. Lois Addo

Happy 2020, Residents! Resident Spotlight is back for its third year, and we are starting things off with Dr. Lois Addo, a PGY-2 in Family Medicine. Dr. Addo holds an interest in palliative care, and has a background in pharmacy, both of which we were happy to chat with her about. Happy reading!


Resident Spotlight: Dr. Lingsa Jia

It's time to ring in the year with the last Resident Spotlight of 2019! For December, we interviewed Dr. Lingsa Jia, a PGY-4 in Psychiatry. Dr. Jia is currently working on a research topic of reproductive health among women with addictions, which we were happy to chat about with her.Happy reading!


Resident Spotlight: Dr. Tarun Soni

Hey, Residents! The November Resident Spotlight is now here! For this month, we interviewed Dr. Tarun Soni, a PGY-1 in Family Medicine. We chatted about his decision to go into this specific field and attending medical school in India, balancing residency and wellness, and his experience learning ho...


Resident Spotlight: Dr. Casey Chan

Hey, Residents! The October Resident Spotlight is now here! We interviewed one of our new Board Directors, Dr. Casey Chan, a PGY-4 General Internal Medicine Resident. Dr. Chan was previously a resident in Alberta and worked with PARA as a Director of their Board. We chatted with him about his experi...


Resident Spotlight: Dr. David Kim

Hey, Residents! For the month of September, we interviewed Dr. David Kim, a PGY-4 Emergency Medicine resident. Dr. Kim has served as the President and Immediate Past President on our Board, and in the past year, has been working as a fellow overseas as he pursues his study of aerospace medicine. Thi...