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Rounds – May 15, 2015

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MCCQE II Capacity

Capacity limits for the Fall 2015 MCCQE Part II are being introduced.

When registration for the fall session opens in May 2015, candidates will be able to register until the limit for their group is reached, after which point, candidates will be able to request to be added to a pre-registration list for the next session. Those on the pre-registration list will be provided the option of registering for the spring 2016 MCCQE Part II before general registration opens.

For further information explaining why capacity limits are being introduced, how the caps will be applied and application information, please view the FAQ on the MCC website. For information on the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination Part II exam please visit http://mcc.ca/examinations/mccqe-part-ii/

Nurses Week

May 11 – 17 is National Nurses Week! Thank you to all the nurses who are an important part of the healthcare team!

Block 11 Deadline

The deadline for Block 11 submissions to be paid in June is May 18th. Submissions for Block 11 will be accepted until the 30 day deadline of June 4th.


Upcoming Events

Splatter Party
The splatter party on May 28th still has a couple of spaces, RSVP today!
Board Meeting
The next Board Meeting is June 3rd at 6:30 pm. Interested residents are always welcome. Please email the office to attend.
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Did you Know?

In 1984, in an attempt to restrict newly licensed physicians access to practice, legislation was passed which limited billing numbers. Dr. P. Wilson supported by PARI-BC and the Canadian Association of Interns and Residents (CAIR), filed a Charter challenge against the legislation, known as Bill 41. Chief Justice Lysyk deems Bill 41 constitutional. This was appealed by PARI-BC and CAIR and overturned by the BC Court of Appeal. The restrictions were lifted.
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Resident Doctors of BC Trivia

For which stat holidays do residents receive 2.5 times their regular pay? ($10 Starbucks, iTunes or Amazon gift card) *Winner selected at random from all correct entries*
The correct answer from the last edition was: Residents can take up to 37 weeks of leave without pay for parental/adoption leave.
The winner was Dr. Bryan Chow

author: Michelle Seymour