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Rounds – July 24, 2015

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Tax Update

UBC will be reissuing the T2202A form for all medical residents from 2005-2010, in addition to 2010-2012 that was already granted. If you were a medical resident during this time and have already filed an objection for 2011, 2012 or 2013 you may access the credits through that process. If you have not filed an objection you must request taxpayer relief to receive the credits from previous years.


Upcoming Events

Pride Parade
Join Resident Doctors of BC again this year to participate in the Vancouver Pride Parade. For details please email Resident Doctors of BC.

August Board Meeting
The next Board Meeting is August 5th, at 6:30 pm and all interested members are welcome to attend. Please email Resident Doctors of BC to RSVP

Book and appleDid you Know?

Resident Doctors of BC has a number of discounts available for members, including the PNE! Get $5 off ride passes and gate passes when you use the code.
Playland is open now, the PNE starts August 22nd.

Resident Doctors of BC was in Kelowna on Wednesday for the annual site visit.
We look forward to hosting the Annual Fireworks Social on next Wednesday.


Resident Doctors of BC Trivia

What expenses are reimbursed for mandatory rotations outside of the base hospital?
Email your answer by July 31st and you could win! ($10 Starbucks, iTunes or Amazon gift card) *Winner selected at random from all correct entries*
The correct answer from the last edition was: Parking while on cross coverage is covered
The winner was: Dr. Morgan Lam

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