Transitioning to Practice

Preparing for Independent Practice

You’re finally at the end of your training, and it’s time to transition into practice, an exciting and potentially daunting venture. Resident Doctors of BC strives to provide its soon-to-graduate members with the resources they need to make a smooth transition.

  • Information Sources

    BC Family Doctors: Simplified Guide to Fees

    A searchable and detailed reference guide for billable services.

    Divisions of Family Practice: Resource, Recruitment, and Retention Portal

    Divisions of Family Practice has launched a new one-stop web portal created to make it easier for new family doctors to join BC communities.

    Divisions of Family Practice BC: Practice Toolkit

    The Practice Toolkit is a new online resource to help BC doctors manage practices of all sizes efficiently and effectively. Comprehensive and customizable to suit any GP or specialist’s practice, the toolkit contains information and sample documents covering:

    • Workplace safety
    • Employee conduct
    • Privacy and confidentiality
    • Facility checklists
    • Clinician contracts
    • Confidentiality agreements

    Doctors of BC

    Doctors of BC has several resources available for residents transitioning to practice:

    • Starting Your Practice which will help physicians in the top 5 things they need to do when starting to practice, support with financing, and benefits physicians can access through Doctors of BC, GPSC and SSC
    • Managing Your Office which supports resources for the office including policy and signage, government grants, and Club MD offers (this one is member specific) which now has business support needs that include preferred rates for lawyers, accountant, resume, cover letter, and interview preparations, Staples Canada and Mills Office for office supplies and furniture discounts
    • Contingency Planning Toolkit that guides physicians through planning for the unexpected
    • Human Resources Toolkit which starts with the hiring and onboarding process of employees complete with job descriptions and interview questions

    Joule Resources

    CMA through Joule has a Practice Management Curriculum for residents transitioning into practice including modules on legal issues, remuneration options, negotiating a locum, and starting a practice. They also have checklists for the end of residency and starting as a professional.

    Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons

    The Royal College has a number of general information and clinical/professional development resources available to those transitioning to practice.

    They also have billing information for each of the provinces and resources for managing your practice and work life balance.

    All of their transition resources are available on their website.

    UBC Transition Into Practice

    UBC provides resources on a variety of topics for residents who are preparing for the next step, including how to develop a medical curriculum vitae, where to find job postings and job fairs. It also provides information on financial and office management topics, such as incorporation, office space purchase, and contract negotiation. Visit their website.

    UBC is hosting a seminar series virtually on Tuesday evenings of each month on various topics relating to transitioning to practice. For a list of the topics and event details visit Transition to Practice Events.

  • Employment Opportunities

    BC Family Doctors

    Family practice opportunities for locums and permanent positions are available in their job opportunities.

    BCMJ Classifieds

    The BC Medical Journal has a classifieds section of advertised employment opportunities in BC.

    CMA Dr Careers

    The CMA’s career centre for physicians is available at

    Divisions of Family Practice BC

    Divisions of Family Practice has a number of recruitment tools and initiatives.

    Health Match BC

    Health Match BC is a free professional recruitment service that offers a database of positions available across BC.


    Locummunity is a service to find locum positions across the country.

    Locums lists locums across the country.

    Locums for Rural BC

    Locums for Rural BC is a service for locums of all types in rural areas of BC

  • Training/Workshops

    Canadian Medical Association

    Practice Management Curriculum

    The CMA, through Joule offers Practice Management Curriculum, with seminars at universities across the country throughout the year. For their current offerings visit their website.

    Doctors of BC

    Practice Management Presentations

    Doctors of BC’s insurance department is offering 15-60 minute presentations on a number of topics relating to practice. Contact them to schedule one for your next academic half day. View details here.


    Coaching and Mentoring Program (CAMP)

    This program by UBC CPD is designed to connect rural physicians to peer mentor/coaches who can support them in whichever ways they may need, including transitioning into rural practice. CME credits are available for mentees, and mentor/coaches are offered accredited training and are compensated financially for their time. More information.

    Transition Tuesdays

    UBC provides monthly workshops on various transition topics. Visit their Calendar of Events to see what the upcoming topics are.