Internal Review

Volunteer Positions Available

The Process

Being a Resident reviewer requires 2-3 hours of prep, a half-day to a full day attendance at the review, and 1-2 hours post-review to read the report.

The Resident attends along with a faculty surveyor and perhaps an observer (who is a faculty member from another training program).  The process involves reading the Pre-survey Questionnaire and, if applicable, the previous report, program response, transmittal letter, and other documentation.  The faculty reviewer then conducts the survey (approx. ½ day) and completes the report within 2-3 weeks with input from the Resident reviewer.  The completed report is submitted to the Postgrad Dean’s office.

Please note that Residents may only review programs other than their home program;  for example, an Internal Medicine Resident will not be reviewing Internal Medicine.

It is recognized that significant time is required to participate in the internal review process; however, internal reviews are a great enhancement to professional development. It encompasses the Manager Role – one of the seven domains of competence outlined in CanMEDS, and provides an opportunity to experience various specialties of medicine. Previous Resident reviewers have found that participating is an excellent learning experience.

Resident Doctors of BC would like to encourage all Residents in all locations to participate in the internal reviews.  Reviews take place in Vancouver and funding may be made available to Residents who are willing to travel from distributed sites in order to participate.  Please email for more information and to sign up.

April 25 1PM Critical Care Medicine Peds
May 27, 28, or 29 TBC Neo Natal Perinatal
June 3 TBC General Internal Medicine
June 12 TBC Internal Medicine
May 10 TBC Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
May 16 TBC Vascular Surgery
May 30 TBC Psychiatry