During Residency

Resident Doctors of BC aims to assist and support you throughout your residency by providing you with the knowledge and tools to be successful. In this section you will find information most relevant to your day-to-day life as a resident, from payroll and call, to hospitals and distributed sites.

  • Payroll

    The payroll department of Health Shared Services BC (HSSBC) [Please note HSSBC is in the process of changing their name to BCCSS – BC Clinical and Support Services] processes residents payroll, acting as the central paying agency for all residents regardless of their working location.

    It is important to ensure they have your updated banking and contact information on file, so if you switch banks or move you will need to contact HSSBC (or BCCSS as they are in the process of changing their name) at employeeRBsupport@hssbc.ca to update your information.

    Payroll Periods

    Although residents aren’t paid an hourly wage, their salary is represented on their paystub as a daily rate of 7.5 hours, which is 75 hours for a full two-week pay period. Residents are paid every two weeks, with payday being one week after the last day of a pay period.

    The first pay period (July 1-14) that includes time worked in the new academic year will be paid on July 22nd.

    Meal and Admin Allowances

    Residents may not see meal or admin allowances on their July 22nd pay stub. This delay in payment occurs only in July, as information is gathered from the program offices, compiled, and then submitted to HSSBC/BCCSS for processing. Any allowances not paid in this period will be paid retroactively on a future payday.

    The monthly meal allowance is made in two payments each month, for a total of 24 payments per year. Since there are 26 paydays per academic year, 2 paydays will not show any allowances paid. These dates occur when there is a third pay period within one month. Programs will be notified of the exact dates once they are confirmed.

    Admin allowances are paid monthly. If a program has more that one chief per year, the allowance will be paid out according to the months designated by the respective program office. If the chief position is shared between two residents, the admin allowance will be paid to both chiefs on a bi-monthly basis (every second month), unless otherwise requested.


    As the central paying agency for all Residents, HSSBC/BCCSS mails paystubs to home addresses. It is important to notify HSSBC/BCCSS of any changes to your address or banking information.


    Tel: 604-297-8683 (toll free: 1-866-875-5306, press 2 for Payroll)

    Fax: 604-297-9311

    Email: payrollvch@hssbc.ca

    1795 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby BC V5C 6E3