Navigating Residency

We're here to support your residency

We are here to support you throughout your residency; from the day you match, until you complete your program, we provide information, support and guidance.

  • Before Residency

    Residency in Canada is coordinated nationally by the Canadian Resident Matching Service (CaRMS). Medical graduates who are matched through this system will train in an accredited Postgraduate Medical Education program at the University of British Columbia. Visit Prospective Residents for more information on the application process and requirements.

  • Starting Residency

    After matching to UBC, you will receive an appointment package in May or June (or an alternate date should your match not follow the traditional academic year). After completing your paperwork, ensure you have your necessary license, exam results, long term disability insurance, and liability insurance prepared for your start date. If you are moving to a new place for residency check out our New Resident guide, or one of our city guides. Visit Starting Residency for more information on completing your paperwork and other requirements

  • During Residency

    Resident Doctors of BC is available to provide support throughout your residency. We provide information and connect you with resources on important matters such as liability coverage, call stipends, payroll, elective and rural rotations, hospitals and resources like Employee Wellnes, PHP, and REAP to support your residency.

  • Transitioning to Practice

    As you move towards completing your residency, Resident Doctors of BC is available to support your transition with workshops and resources.