Resident Awareness Week 2017

We are celebrating Resident Awareness Week February 6 to 10th, 2017

From February 6 to 10, 2017, residents across the country will be celebrating and participating in their 16th annual Resident Awareness Week (RAW). This week-long event aims to raise awareness about who resident doctors are and what their role is in the healthcare system. With 1300 resident doctors training in British Columbia this year, and that number continuing to grow as programs expand into new training sites, it is more important than ever that everyone understands the role residents play in our medical care.

To celebrate Resident Awareness Week, our Communications and Advocacy Committees have several initiatives on the go. Check them all out below.

  • Who are residents?

    Residents are doctors who are engaged in supervised training prior to independent practice. They have completed their medical degree and must now complete intensive practical training in a medical specialty before they can open their own practice. Residency programs can take anywhere from 2 to 5 years to complete, and some may continue training up to seven years to further specialize.

    The term “resident” came about because originally residents would live in hospitals – although this is no longer a requirement of their training, residents do spend a vast amount of time at the hospital. Residents are frontline healthcare workers who are often the first point of contact for patients. In addition to a regular workweek, they do call shifts, teach medical students, conduct research, and study for licensing exams.

    Residents are hard working, passionate, and ambitious about the future of our healthcare system. By supporting residents and acknowledging the work they do, they are better equipped to support their patients.

    I am a resident RAW infographic
    RAW infographic RDoC
    resident doctor infographic RAW
    resident duties poster raw infographic
  • Humans of Residency

    Inspired by Humans of New York, this is our third run of Humans of Residency. Check out the previous year’s here. You can find all of this year’s photos below.

    humans of residency raw 2017 transit ad
    Look for this poster on the millenium/expo skytrain line in Greater Vancouver, and on buses in Victoria, Prince George, and Kelowna.
    RAW Humans of Residency 2017
    RAW Humans of Residency 2017
    RAW Humans of Residency 2017
    RAW Humans of Residency 2017
    RAW Humans of Residency 2017
    RAW Humans of Residency 2017
    RAW Humans of Residency 2017
    RAW Humans of Residency 2017
  • Social Media
  • Contests
    raw social media contest

    What to know more about the prize? View the details of Plan Your Own Social.

    raw humans of residency selfie photo contest

    Want to know what’s in a swag bag? Check out this photo of what you’ll get.

    participation contest raw
    Participation contest daily statistics - finals
    participation contest raw
    Participation contest statistics - finals
  • Articles

    Opinion: Taking action on resident doctors’ wellness

    This article was written by Dr. Bolu Ogunyemi, Director of Communications, and published in the Vancouver Sun on February 6, 2017.

    Thanking our resident doctors — Resident Awareness Week

    Doctors of BC President Dr. Alan Ruddiman talks about residents and his own residency experience in this blog post.

    UBC residents celebrate annual Resident Awareness Week

    University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine interviewed Resident Doctors of BC President Dr. David Kim about Resident Awareness Week.

    Join in for Resident Awareness Week 2017

    The BC Medical Journal posted this blog post on the “what, why, and who” of Resident Awareness Week.

    A profile of a future rural family physician

    Drs. Nazlee Tabari & Bolu Ogunyemi profile Trail family practice resident Dr. Alana Benes in this article in the Trail Daily Times.

    raw 2017 article trail times distributed site

    ThinkSkin explains what SPF actually means — and the difference between your lotions

    Drs. Yi Ariel Liu & Danny Guo use illustrations on their website ThinkSkin to make information about SPF and skincare products accessible for the general public. Learn more in this article by Dr. Bolu Ogunyemi

  • Awareness Booths

    We will be reaching out to the public via our awareness booths throughout the week. If you’ll be in the area, come by and say hi! We’ll have lots of information and prizes to share.

    RAW awareness booth schedule

    awareness booth raw
    We will have trivia, prizes and information - come visit us!
    colouring page resident doctors
    Download this colouring page for a child you know so they can learn about resident doctors!
  • BC Government Proclamation
    RAW proclamation 2017