Pediatrics Sports Day

Thank you so much to Resident Doctors of BC for supporing the Pediatric Resident Beach Sports Day event.  Our group left BC Children’s midday, during our protected academic half day time, and were able to enjoy a special twist to our Spring Wellness academic half day.  Because this was also during the week of the R1 Orientation we were then able to extend the event to a Part 2 R1 Welcome event.

On arrival our group quickly teamed up to assemble our barbeque and prepare the BBQ feast.  With a line of picnic blankets laid out in the sun, we enjoyed an incredibly relaxed, sunny lunch mingle amongst all year of our program.  We even were treated to a few of the residents on maternity leave being able to join us with their little ones in tow too!  

After everyone was well fed we gathered the group for some fun games including water balloon tossing and three legged racing, with extra friendly competitive nature driven by a bag full of unique prizes. 

It was so reward to see people take a moment to kick back, relax, and enjoy some sunshine and laughter as colleagues.

Thanks so very much for your support making this event happen! 

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author: Michelle Seymour