Volunteers Requested: Resident Awareness Video & Poster Project

Hello B.C Residents,

Resident Doctors of BC’s External Relations Committee is looking for residents interested in being featured in A Day in the Life of a B.C. Resident videos and/or posters.

These short audio-video clips will showcase who residents are and what we do, and will be directed at the B.C. public.

They will be published on social media and government websites for Resident Appreciation Week (in February 2022), and potentially on local TV/radio in the future.

Residents in any year of training are welcome to apply or nominate a colleague.

Requirement: available for 1-2 four hour time slots (between Jan 20 – Feb 5th 2022) to record audio/video in person, for local residents, or by Zoom for rural residents. Please email: brandi@residentdoctorsbc.ca by January 15th 2022 to self-nominate or nominate a resident colleague.

Resident Doctors of BC External Relations Committee

author: Sasha Zalyvadna