Updated BC Health Quality Matrix Establishes New Definition of Health Care Quality

This is posted on behalf of the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council.

The BC Patient Safety & Quality Council, British Columbia’s leader on health care quality, has released an updated BC Health Quality Matrix which sets a common language and understanding about quality for all those who engage with, deliver, support, manage and govern health and wellness services.

A shared definition of quality impacts how those within the health care system set priorities and care for people. The updates establish a more inclusive and strengthened definition of health care quality that will enable better outcomes and experiences of care for all British Columbians.

The updates ensure BC’s vision of high-quality care aligns with the latest evidence and honours the history and teachings of Indigenous Peoples in the province. They emphasize the link between social determinants of health and quality, stress the importance of the early years of life as integral to health, and align with the health care system’s focus on promoting wellness.

The Matrix also takes a world-leading approach in embedding Indigenous perspectives on health and wellness and shows what’s possible when Indigenous and non-Indigenous worldviews are welcomed.

The Council partnered with the First Nations Health Authority on the project and received input from numerous community members and 30+ organizations. A companion guide and visual tool were also released to guide the use of the Matrix.

Download the updated BC Health Quality Matrix.

author: Sasha Zalyvadna