Rural Okanagan Family Medicine PYOS Recap

The Family Medicine residents for Rural Okanagan got together for a casual backyard social, and here is what they had to say!

“We moved the event day to June 12th to coincide with the first annual regional scholar day, as it was call protected and the residents from family medicine programs in the Kootenays and South Okanagan were able to attend. For this reason there were substantially more residents than predicted, which was great! We had a chance to chat, share stories, play games and music by the fire. Our program director and some faculty members came as well as the emergency residents. Having it at someones house and outside made the planning fairly easy, we did a simple bbq so the food prep was not onerous. I believe this is a simple event to recreate, although it does take a fairly large backyard to comfortable fit >50 people.”

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author: Sasha Zalyvadna