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Residents in the Media – Dr. Aaron Van Slyke

Dr. Van Slyke’s study published in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery was picked up by the UK Sun. The study published with colleagues is a retrospective, cross-sectional cohort study into Perioperative and Long-Term Smoking Behaviours in Cosmetic Surgery Patients. It shows a positive association between smoking cessation and cosmetic surgery.

As the article in the Sun notes, the complication rate after cosmetic surgery is higher in patients who smoke, so patients are advised to stop smoking before surgery. In Dr. Van Slyke’s review of patients five years after surgery, 40% had quit smoking, nearly a quarter not smoking at all after surgery, and most patients reported cutting down, noting that discussing their increased risks with their surgeon encouraged them to quit or at least reduce their smoking.

Dr. Van Slyke is quoted “This is consistent with previous research showing patients who seek to obtain cosmetic surgery are more motivated to sustain positive lifestyle changes,” and the study authors conclude “The dialogue between plastic surgeon and patient during the cosmetic surgery consultation serves as a unique moment to provide targeted smoking cessation counselling that may persist well beyond the surgical interaction.”

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author: Michelle Seymour