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Residents in the Media – August 2015

Dr. Scott McCoach – Prince George Citizen

Dr. McCoach is quoted in a recent article in the Prince George Citizen discussing dollars for doctors, which provides funding for housing, exam fees and for those who decide to stay in the Northeast as family doctors, an additional $10,000.


Drs. Harding and Leung – UBC Medicine News

Drs. Harding and Leung are the first cohort in UBC’s newest pediatric training site on Vancouver Island. They noted their excitement at the opportunity to help shape the program in the new site for future years in this UBC News item published on August 18th.


Dr. Alexander McGirr – UBC Medicine News

Dr. McGirr provided a Q&A on a recent study he led for the UBC Medicine News. His work looked at the mutation of a gene for a brain protein Phosphodiesterase-4. Studying mice he found those with the mutation performed well on memory and problem solving tasks, but had a reduced memory of fearful events and less fear of things they would otherwise be afraid of such as cat urine.

While it is early to link this directly to humans, his study could have implications for dementia and PTSD in the future.

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author: Michelle Seymour