Resident Spotlight: Dr. Lingsa Jia

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It’s time to ring in the year with the last Resident Spotlight of 2019! For December, we interviewed Dr. Lingsa Jia, a PGY-4 in Psychiatry. Dr. Jia is currently working on a research topic of reproductive health among women with addictions, which we were happy to chat about with her.

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Your current research focus is on reproductive health among women with addictions. Can you tell us more about your research?

Currently, I spearhead a research project that explores the reproductive outcomes of women who struggle with opioid use disorder. Specifically, I am looking at the various barriers to receiving reproductive care and effective contraception methods. Our data suggests that contributing factors include stigma, financial means, and provider availability – hopefully my research can support policies to improve access for this vulnerable patient population.

What made you decide to focus your research on this topic?

I first became interested in research on maternal health as a medical student. I had the privilege of working with the Contraception Access Research Team at BC Women’s Hospital, and was quite surprised by the relative poor uptake of highly effective contraceptive means, particularly among high-risk patients. I wanted to marry my interest in women’s health with addiction medicine, thus leading to my current research endeavours.

What are your future plans for where you want to take your research?

I am currently completing an addiction medicine fellowship within my psychiatry training, and am interested in pursuing further research in perinatal addictions, with a focus on the evidence for concurrent medical and psychological treatment. Hopefully this adds to the growing wealth of knowledge in the area of reproductive psychiatry.

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author: Sasha Zalyvadna