Resident Research Project Opportunity!

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 One or two residents are needed for a Family Practice Research Project Stakeholder Committee.

Commitment: The two Residents will be required to attend a teleconference or meeting by way of Skype or Facetime once or twice a year to share the “resident perspective.” The Family Practice Research Project is planned to be a four-year project. Residents interested in being on the project stakeholder committee are not required to be a committee member for all four years, and can join for a shorter time to be replaced by another resident when they leave the committee.

Also, possible opportunity for Resident Research Assistant. 

Title: “A mixed methods study of practice patterns among early-career primary care physicians and their implications for workforce planning”, a cross-provincial, mixed methods study between BC, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.

General Description: 

The research sets out to:

  1.  Describe practice intentions among family medicine residents and choices among early-career primary care physicians (PCPs). Understand what values and preferences, including attributes of clinical work as well as lifestyle and financial considerations, shape intentions and choices.
  2.  Compare practice patterns among early-career (<10 years of practice) and established physicians (10+ years) using linked administrative health data. Determine if any changes over time reflect cohort effects (attributes unique to the most recent cohort of PCPs), or period effects (changes over time for all PCPs).
  3.  Examine how available models of practice in each province align with preferences and values of resident and early- career physicians and observed practice patterns. Explore what other practice options might be chosen, if available. Identify promising targets for intervention and implications for supply of physician resources for primary care.

Interested? Please e-mail Geeta at Geeta@residentdoctorsbc.ca  to learn more about the project, as well as how to get involved in either position.

Apply by Friday September 1st, at noon. 

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