Resident Publications – May 2016

Dr. Laurie Cloutier-Gill – Journal of Psychoactive Drugs

Dr. Gill and colleagues were published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs for their case report: Remission of severe opioid use disorder with ibogaine. In it they discuss the case of a 37 year old female with a 19 year history of severe opioid use disorder, who achieved an ongoing 18-month period of abstinence following a four-day ibogaine treatment. They note that rigorous trials will be required to establish safety and efficacy and delineate the potential role of ibogaine.

Dr. Neal Shahidi – Therapeutic Advances in Gastroenterology

Dr. Shahidi with colleagues published the article The role of vedolizumab in patients with moderate-to-severe Chron’s disease and ulcerative colitisThrough the article they find that the GEMINI trials mark the arrival of VDZ as an effective therapy, for those who had previously failed conventional therapy, but more studies are needed specifically randomized comparing VDZ to current treatments.

Dr. Katherine Shoults – BC Medical Journal

Dr. Shoults’ case report Neurological complication of nitrous oxide abuse details the case of a 34 year old presenting with limb paresthesia. In it she summarizes that many patients may fail to include nitrous oxide when asked about drug use, and that patients with limb paresthesia and B12 deficiency should be asked about nitrogen oxide use.

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author: Michelle Seymour