Resident Publication – February 2018

Dr. Kristin DeGirolamo – Canadian Journal of Surgery

Dr. DeGirolamo with many colleagues was published for her article Process mapping as a framework for performance improvement in emergency general surgery.

In the study she and her colleagues attempt to create process maps for small bowel obstruction in an effort to identify potential areas for quality improvement. Process mapping is a simple way to evaluate a cohort of patients’ journeys through the hospital to identify areas for future interventions as well as track the impact of QI projects. It is believed this group is the first to analyzed using this method, and they hope to expand to other emergency surgery patients in the future.

Dr. Thomas Roston – Canadian Journal of Cardiology

Dr. Roston and colleagues were published for their Population-Based Study of Syncope in the Young In the study their data suggests that pediatric and adolescent syncope is increasing in prevalence and presents a growing public health problem. The population was found to have a high burden of comorbidities that likely contribute to increased health care resource use and polypharmacy.

Drs. Gautamn Sarwal and Samir Bidnur – Canadian Urological Association Journal

Drs. Sarwal and Bidnur had their case Uretero-internal iliac artery fistula presenting with multiple negative angiographic studies published with their colleagues. In it they present a complex case of a 66 year old woman with chronic ureteric stenting and a history of chemo and radiation therapy for cervical cancer. She was transferred from a community hospital with intermittent, visible hematuria, urosepsis, and a chronic perinephric abscess. Their learning points from the case include that a negative cross-sectional and angiographic imaging does not necessarily exclude this diagnosis, and a UAF should be considered in the differentia for unexplained hematuria.

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author: Michelle Seymour