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Resident Doctors of Canada Board of Directors: 2020-2021 Applications Now Open

Resident Doctors of Canada (RDoC) seeks candidates from British Columbia to fill two (2) positions on the RDoC Board of Directors.

RDoC represents over 10,000 resident doctors across Canada. Established in 1972, they are a not-for-profit organization providing a unified, national voice for our Membership. RDoC collaborates with other national health organizations to foster excellence in training, wellness, and patient care. Through its Board of Directors, RDoC provides a unique opportunity for you to represent the interests of residents across Canada and help shape the environment in which residents we work and train.

Details about eligibility, desired attributes, meeting dates, and the roles and responsibilities of RDoC members can be found here.

Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we felt it was important to amend the election process this year. We will be accepting nominations for internal review, then election by the Board.

If more than 5 nominations are received, the RDBC Executive Committee will review all applications and submit the top 5 for a majority vote. These top 5 nominations will be reviewed and the two RDoC representatives will be elected by the RDBC Board of Directors. The detailed procedure will be outlined and made available to all candidates at the closing of the nomination period.

The nomination period will be open from Tuesday, April 21 to Monday, May 11, 11:59 PM for a period of three weeks. The application must include the following:

  • your name and program
  • two nominators (residents in good standing)
  • CV (4 pages max)
  • short nomination blurb (<300 words)

Board members running for the RDoC positions shall abstain from the vote.

To submit your candidacy, visit our website.

For more information about the nomination process, contact Resident Doctors of BC at info@residentdoctorsbc.ca. For more information about the RDoC Board or elections process, contact Beth Sneyd at bsneyd@residentdoctors.ca.

author: Sasha Zalyvadna