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Resident Doctors of BC Statement on Saudi Residents

Resident Doctors of British Columbia (RDBC), which represents over 1350 Resident Doctors across BC, has been closely monitoring the proposed withdrawal of Saudi Arabian medical trainees from Canada and the impact this proposed withdrawal would have on medical students and Residents. We are heartened to see that early information suggests our colleagues will be completing their training in Canada.

Residents are doctors that provide front line care around-the-clock in the busiest hospitals in the province. During the day, on weekends, holidays and late at night, Residents are available to assist patients. While still trainees and learners, Residents provide the full spectrum of medical care available in the province. The withdrawal of Saudi trainees would have affected medical Residents differently across the province based on how many international medical trainees work as part of their team of physicians. In many urban and rural centres, the withdrawal would have created increased stress on the system. Irrespective of what may come to pass, Residents remain committed to delivering patient care in our centres of excellence throughout the province

RDBC is committed to working with our partners, including our provincial partners, UBC, the Ministry of Health, and the Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada (AFMC), to advocate that Resident physicians will continue to provide safe and compassionate patient care while ensuring Resident wellness continues, as outlined in our collective agreement with the province.

While the proposed withdrawal was regrettable, it has created an indispensable opportunity for us as British Columbians and Canadians to have an important discussion about medical training in Canada. As key stakeholders, Resident Doctors of BC looks forward to continuing to work with our healthcare partners in the complex area of health human resource planning.

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author: Michelle Seymour