Resident Doctors of BC and Resident Burnout

Further to the CMA’s recent report on their Physician Health and Wellness survey, Resident Doctors of BC has been asked to speak to our position on the results, particularly as they relate to Resident Burnout. Resident Doctors in BC have access to three wellness services, two of which offer 24/7 services to address the unique scheduling and work environment of residents. We are disheartened to hear that some of the resources we promote to our residents have been unable to meet the demand placed upon them. We hope that the CMA report and the reported lack of wellness services will highlight the importance of resident doctors to the system and address the significant strain put on them through overuse during their training periods.    

RDBC monitors and upholds a maximum amount of resident scheduling, and actively pursues programs that over schedule residents. We encourage any residents concerned with their scheduling hours to reach out directly to us for additional support.

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author: Sasha Zalyvadna