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Calling CMA student and resident members—your ideas are more valuable than you think

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A couple of weeks ago Franco Rizutti, invited me to address Canadian Federation of Medical Student members at their annual general meeting. At that meeting, I gave attendees a sneak peek at the innovation challenge Joule was planning. Despite it being the end of an agenda-packed day, attendees were very engaged and gave me lots of suggestions and feedback on how we could make it better. I took that feedback, as well as suggestions from Dr. Kimberly Williams, President of Resident Doctors of Canada, and shared it with my team.  The result—our first innovation challenge launched today.

In a country with no shortage of ideas, you might wonder why we are posing innovation challenges to CMA members. The way I see it, Joule is a catalyst for physician-led innovation. It’s one thing to have lots of ideas, but it is another thing to bring those ideas to life. That’s where Joule comes in. Our innovation platform creates a community where individuals with good ideas, are assisted by peers who help make them into great ideas. Then, Joule takes the best ideas and create prototypes of items that can improve the quality of life of patients in a real way.

And, because we know it is that much harder to innovate as a medical student or resident, we’re prepared to remunerate student and resident contributors of the best ideas as well as those who help make good ideas great. And, don’t worry—Joule is not in this for the intellectual property—that remains yours. We’re all about going from imagining the possibilities to realizing them.

To find out more, please visit joule.cma.ca—but don’t delay—it’s only open until June 19. Best of luck.

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