Resident Awareness Week Medical Make-A-Thon Recap

On Saturday, February 3, we hosted the Medical Make-A-Thon with Medical Makers and Science World to start off Resident Awareness Week 2018. Thank you to everyone who came out to join us! The event was full of fun and learning, where four teams worked to propose ideas of 3D printed medical tools to be used by both rural and remote communities, as well as astronauts in space. We are happy to congratulate all the participants, as all four designs were so well received by the Medical Makers team that they happy to to print them at the Mars Desert Research Station!

The four ideas presented by the teams were: a miniature heart model, a fork grip, a needle guide, and a field scalpel.

For any of those who were in attendance, please feel free to send us your own photos from the event, as well as any feedback on how the event was for you and what you would like to see next time!

Until next time,

Resident Doctors of BC

author: Sasha Zalyvadna