Resident Achievements & Community Involvement 2011

We are proud of residents’ contributions to the health of British Columbians. They are often recognized with numerous external awards and publications; here are a few of the achievements of our members.

Resident doctors spend the vast amount of their time in hospitals and clinics training in their specific areas of medical specialty, and Resident Doctors of BC focuses much of our attention in support of that training. However, both the association and its members appreciate the importance of looking outside the hospital and getting involved with the community, both medically and otherwise. Here are just a few of the things residents and Resident Doctors of BC is doing to support the healthcare community and the public.

Dr. Shaila Merchant – Canadian Journal of Surgery

Dr. Merchant with Dr. Hameed and Melck were published in the Canadian Journal of Surgery for their review of “Pregnancy among residents enrolled in general surgery“. They surveyed residents at UBC from 1997 through 2009 through an online survey asking about their pregnancies. They found that there were more pregnancies among partners of male residents, than female residents. More than 50% of respondents reported their workload increased because of a colleague’s pregnancy and 63% were not aware of a maternity/parenting policy.

For details on parenting during residency visit the parenting resource section.

Dr. Kristopher Kang

In 2011, as a first year pediatrics resident, Dr. Kristopher Kang worked for the United Nations as a consultant on child protection. His project in 2011 focused on one of his areas of expertise; expanding birth registrations to ensure access to health care, schooling, and other resources.

He conducted a bottleneck analysis for Nigerian birth registrations where 70% of children under 5 are not registered. In collecting data his team was able to map out the major areas and propose interventions to improve monitoring and coverage. Their efforts will  hopefully increase registration and thereby capture some of the approximately 18 million unregistered Nigerian children in order to increase their access to education and health care.

His work the with United Nations is also featured in UBC Medicine Vol 9 No 1 (Spring 2013)

Dr. Stephanie Bordeau – Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine

Dr. Bourdeau and colleagues from the University of Western Ontario published a study that looked at the accuracy of using the Broselow tape method (measuring the length of a young child’s body to determine weight in order to determine medical dosages) in first nations patients. They found the method to be inaccurate half the time, as the likelihood of a first nations child being overweight is three times that of a non-aboriginal child. This is of great importance as accurate weights are necessary in trauma situations such as resuscitation-medication dosing. The study was published in the Fall 2011 Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine.

Dr. Paul Yong – Outstanding Achievement by a Resident

Dr. Yong was recognized by the Child and Family Research Institute in 2011 for outstanding achievement. This is presented to a resident whose scholarly activity, industry and commitment to the research endeavor are an example to other trainees, and who has contributed to advances in child, youth and women’s health.

Dr. Jason Faulds – Excellence in Teaching

Dr. Faulds was presented the 2011 Canadian Association of General Surgeons Excellence in Teaching Award at the annual Canadian Surgery Forum in September. The award is granted by each residency program based on their individual criteria.

Dr. Jennifer Wide – Brian Morris Award

Dr. Wide was awarded this award at the UBC Psychiatry Research Day for displaying compassion and empathy combined with clinical excellence.

Dr. Carl Wiebe – Dr. Robert Kitchen Memorial Award

Dr. Wiebe was presented the Dr. Robert Kitchen Memorial Award at the UBC Psychiatry Research Day for excellence in Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry.

Drs. Alan Bates and Fidel Vila-Rodriguez – CanMEDS Award

Awarded annually at the Psychiatry Research Day; this peer selected award is presented to the Resident who best exemplifies the CanMEDS Competencies of Medical Expert, Communicator, Collaborator, Manager, Health Advocate, Scholar & Professional.

Drs. Bates and Vila-Rodriguez were the first place finishers for 2011, for additional places please visit the UBC Psychiatry awards.

Dr. Summer Telio – Postgraduate Psychotherapy Award

This award is presented at the UBC Psychiatry Research Day to a Resident who has a strong interest in psychotherapy; has exceeded standard expectations in acquiring psychotherapy skills and has demonstrated evidence of positive development as a psychotherapist.

Dr. Kathryn Wynn – Resident Undergraduate Teaching Award

Dr. Wynn received this award at the Psychiatry research day for her excellence in Clinical Teaching

Dr. Cameron Anderson – The Emily Ellingsen Prize for Significant Contribution to the UBC Psychiatry Residency Program

Dr. Anderson received this peer nominated award to recognize his outstanding contributions to the psychiatry residency program that have resulted in improvements in the training, professional development and/or camaraderie amongst residents.

Dr. Alan Bates – Significant Leadership Award

This award is presented annually at the Psychiatry Research Day to recognize consistent and outstanding leadership within the residency program and/or in other community activities.

Dr. Susan Krajewski – Canadian Journal of Surgery

Dr. Krajewski with colleagues from St. Paul’s was published in the Canadian Journal of Surgery. Her article “Impact of computed tomography of the abdomen on clinical outcomes in patients with acute right lower quadrant pain: a meta-analysis” is a systematic review of the the clinical outcomes related to the use of CT in the diagnosis of appendicitis.

Dr. Aubrey Blasig – Canadian Journal of Public Health

In Volume 102, No 2, of the Canadian Journal of Public Health Dr. Blasig et al. had their quantitative research; Hepatitis C Infection Among Pregnant Women in British Columbia: Reported Prevalence and Critical Appraisal of Current Prenatal Screening Methods published. Their research found that reported rates of Hepatitis was 50% lower than what they found with an anonymous seroprevalence survey. Their recommendation is to research further the relative merits of universal screening for Hepatitis C in pregnancy.

Dr. Michael Yamashita – Dr. Paul Cartier Cardiac Surgery Resident Award (Canadian Cardiovascular Society)

In 2011, Dr. Michael Yamashita was awarded the Dr. Paul Cartier Cardiac Surgery Resident Award at the annual Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC). This award was created in honour of Dr. Paul Cartier, and is sponsored by the Canadian Society of Cardiac Surgeons (CSCS). It is presented annually to a resident who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of cardiac surgery through basic science or clinical research, and who has demonstrated promise for a distinguished academic career in cardiac surgery.

Dr. Rita McCracken – Early Career Development Award (College of Family Physicians of Canada)

This award recognizes the efforts of new family physician leaders of tomorrow for their outstanding contributions today. Recipients exemplify the following criteria: leadership; innovation; initiative; and dedication.

Dr. Margaret Manville – Research Award (BC College of Family Physicians)

Dr. Manville was awarded the 2011 BC College of Family Physicians Research Award for her work, “Improving Outcomes for Alternate Level of Care (ALC) Patients: A Practical Approach to Post- Acute Care.”

Dr. Steve Yau – Leadership Award for Family Medicine Residents (College of Family Physicians of Canada)

At the 2011 Family Medicine Forum, the College of Family Physicians of Canada awarded Dr. Yau the Family Medicine Resident Leadership Award.

These awards recognize the leadership abilities of outstanding senior residents from each of the 17 Canadian family medicine residency programs.

Dr. Alexandra Shingina – Journal of Medical Case Reports

Dr. Shingina and her co-authors were published in the Journal of Medical Case Reports covering a case of Autoimmune cholangitis mimicking a klatskin tumor. They found the case highlights the importance of clinician awareness of the autoimmune spectrum of biliary pathologies when confronted with atypical clinical presentations, the paucity of diagnostic measures and the benefit from long-term steroid and/or immunosuppressive treatment.

Dr. Venetia Mah – Family Medicine Resident Award for Scholarship (College of Family Physicians of Canada)

At the 2011 Family Medicine Forum, the College of Family Physicians of Canada awarded Dr. Mah the Family Medicine Resident Award for Scholarship.

This award is intended to stimulate family medicine research and innovation in education and recognizes outstanding academic accomplishments by family medicine residents (R1, R2, R3).

Dr. Supna Sandhu – Lipids in Health and Disease

Dr. Sandhu and her co-authors were published in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease for their retrospective cohort study: incidence of pancreatitis, secondary causes, and treatment of patients referred to a specialty lipid clinic with severe hypertriglyceridemia. They found that fibrates remain the treatment of choice for severe HTG, with statins lacking sufficient TG-lowering effect to remove the risk of pancreatitis.

Drs. Dadogstar, Jenkin, Leveille, and Teng

Drs. Dadogstar, Jenkin, Leveille and Teng were awarded the Branch of International Surgery Research Award. The four annual $2,500 research grants are provided to UBC surgery-related residents interested in expanding their understanding of the burden of unmet surgical care in low resource regions.

Dr. Flora-Hua Teng is focussing on a qualitative analysis of cervical cancer screening in Kisenyi, Uganda.

Dr. Anali Dadogstar’s project is to assess the impact of mental practice on mastoidectomy surgical skills among Ugandan otolaryngology residents. One of the challenges faced by UBC orthopaedic missions to Uganda is the lack of adequate and appropriate orthopaedic instrumentation and implants.

Dr. Lise Leveille is conducting a needs assessment of orthopaedic services to help focus the procurement of instrumentation and implants that are practical and applicable for low resource settings.

Dr. Dan Jenkin is conducting a surgical needs assessment for the North Gondor zone of Amhara in Ethiopia.

Dr. Yasmin Halwani – Residents as Teachers

Dr. Halwani was an author on an environmental scan commissioned by the Future of Medical Education in Canada for the Future of Medical Education in Canada Postgraduate Project 2.

The purpose of the paper led by Sandra Jarvis-Selinger is to provide a comprehensive understanding the role of residents-as-teachers and the responsibility of the academy to support, nurture and develop such a role, based on a literature review.

Read the full paper

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