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RDoC Resident Profiles

To: Royal College Subspecialty Residents and Family Medicine Enhanced Skills Residents:

Are you interested in helping medical students and residents gain an understanding of what senior residency/fellowship entails?

Resident Doctors of Canada has developed a repository of Resident Profiles to help medical school undergraduates make decisions about their career path. They have become an extremely popular portion of our website and have received over 5000 unique views (view at: Resident Profiles).

Each profile is a first-person account, written by a resident, intended to help learners with their career decision-making process. These profiles present the personal experience of a resident, offering insight into residency that help show the real diversity of options and experiences, as well differences between earlier and later years of training, locations and practice settings.

We plan to expand our profile collection to include more subspecialty residents. We feel this would be a beneficial service to you, our members, who are considering career paths in a variety of Royal College subspecialties and CFPC enhanced skills programs.

We welcome profile submissions from the following groups: Internal Medicine subspecialty residents, Pediatrics subspecialty residents, CFPC enhanced skills program residents (i.e. R-3 Family Medicine residents) and residents with experience in parental leave / educational leave / program transfers. 

If you are interested in completing a profile, please indicate your interest via this link: Expression of Interest. Profiles will be posted on the RDoC website and promoted on our RDoC social media channels.

If you have any additional questions regarding the resident profiles, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Thank you for your help in this important initiative!


Dr. Melanie Bechard and Dr. James Quinlan
Practice Committee Co-Chairs
Resident Doctors of Canada

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author: Melissa Nilan