Pulse Podcast: Episode 5F

Hey Residents!

We’re only a day away from the new year, and Pulse Podcast has come to deliver. In this episode, Geoff (PM&R R4) and Julie Kwan (Doctors of BC) talk about important changes to the Doctors of BC Disability Insurance Plan for Residents. This podcast was not sponsored by nor does it act as an advertisement for Doctors of BC. We wanted to highlight the important changes to the Doctors of BC Disability Insurance Plan for Residents and how that impacts your ability to access the Physician Disability Insurance Plan as staff. This episode is content heavy. We cover the basics of Disability Insurance up to esoteric concepts like the interaction between the Doctors of BC Disability Insurance offered to residents and Physician Disability Insurance Plan. If you plan on practicing in BC, the time stamps labelled IMPORTANT are a must. Check the time stamps below for a breakdown of this episode’s content:

Introduction to Disability Insurance
Own Occupation vs. Regular Occupation vs. Any Occupation
How to Claim & Length of Policy
New Employer Disability Insurance Plan (All Residents Automatically Enrolled)
Discussion: Why Purchase Additional Insurance Beyond the Employer’s Disability Insurance Plan, both Pros and Cons
Details of the Doctors of BC Disability Insurance Plan for Residents
Discussion: Difference between RBC, Doctors of BC, and Haslett Disability Insurance Plans
Discussion: Double Coverage, what happens when I have a Private Disability Insurance plan (Doctors of BC, Haslett, RBC) in addition to the Employer Disability Insurance Plan
Special Case: Double Coverage with Employer Disability Insurance and other Provincial Medical Association Disability Insurance Plans (E.g. OMA)
IMPORTANT: Changes to Doctors of BC Disability Insurance On-boarding Rules
IMPORTANT: Introduction to Physician Disability Insurance Plan (for those who plan on practicing in BC)
Aside: Exclusionary Period (And Why This Doesn’t Apply to BC Residents)
IMPORTANT: Interaction between Physician Disability Insurance and Doctors of BC Disability Insurance Plan as a resident

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author: Sasha Zalyvadna