Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation PYOS Recap

The Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation residents recently had their Annual Whistler Retreat, which we helped fund. Here is what they had to say:

“We held our Annual Whistler Resident Retreat in January of this year. It was a weekend of fun with lots of outdoor activities (snowboarding, skiing, or snowshoeing). We ended up having amazing weather and had lots of time for chats, catch-ups, board games and bonding. The highlight of our trip for many was a big dinner where a few of our staff joined!

In planning a trip to Whistler, try to book well in advance, even booking eight months in advance Airbnb and lots of hotels were pretty booked up. We’re going to be changing it up next year to try a warm weather retreat in the Summer!”

If your program is interested in receiving funding for a Plan Your Own Social, visit us for more info.

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author: Sasha Zalyvadna