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Paging Positivity Campaign 2017

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We were thankful to the several residents who took time out of their busy schedule to positively acknowledge their peers.

Keep a resident or two in mind for the 2018 Campaign, during May Wellness Month!  

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Hey Internal Medicine Resident:
You were acknowledged for a great handover and engagement for a lupus patient in the Emergency Room.
Your peer want to thank you “for appreciating how our specialty can contribute to the patient’s care by consulting us for a lupus rash. Thanks for being engaged with dermatology bedside teaching, and collaborating on a plan to manage the patient comprehensively from a medicine, rheumatology, and dermatology point of view!”
One submission began with To our valiant leader (In Family Medicine PGY2):
“As our program’s leader you have put in such hard work and dedication this year and it is so appreciated. You’re vibrant enthusiasm is contagious, and your humour adds pizazz to our meetings. Thanks for your fantastic job representing us, and for devoting so much time and energy for our wellbeing!”
To the Cheerful Resident of the Year from Urology PGY1:
 “Always has a smile on his face and is always friendly to all the residents, nurses, staff, patients and families, even though he’s always on call! Even for people he doesn’t know. Keep it up, nice surgery resident! Don’t let surgery life ground you down.”
That’s all for now!
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author: Navpreet