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New Members Orientation 2019 Reimbursement Info

Hey New Residents,

We know, June 2019 is an exciting time for you.

Spring transitions into summer, and you transition into your residency! However, there are some important things that can get lost in all that excitement: specifically key financial details about the orientation!

To be brief, make sure you get all three of these out of the way so you’re not on the hook for a big bill after the big day:

  1. Keep the ORIGINAL receipts with the Proof of Payment and Expense Forms.
  2. Snail Mail all the required forms and original receipts. These must be post marked to July 12th, latest. Any late submissions will not be accepted!
  3. Other things to include, if applicable: Google map of journey.
  4. Parking at the venue is free for Residents! To be eligible, you must provide your name and vehicle license plate number at the time of regsitration at the venue. Parking will not be reimbursed.

Click Here to Download the Expense Form:  2019 Orientation Expenses

More Details:

Please use the following guidelines to plan your trip and you will be reimbursed for parking and mileage.


Expenses to be reimbursed must relate to approved travel costs within British Columbia, and not costs related to relocation of residency. Travel reimbursement must follow the guidelines to be reimbursed.


Transportation must be the most direct and economic option, with due consideration to effective use of the traveler’s time. Luxury modes of travel, such as first class airfare or luxury model car rentals, are not reimbursable expenses.


Will be reimbursed at $0.25/km. This includes the cost of gas. Must include a copy of the Google Maps itinerary and all gas receipts for proof of travel. At no time will mileage claims be reimbursed which exceed the cost of return airfare;


In order to obtain paid parking, you must provide name and vehicle license plate number at time of registration at the venue.  Parking receipts will not be reimbursed.


Accommodation will be limited to one (1) night (either June 25 OR June 26) for claimants outside of Lower Mainland area; accommodations MUST be pre-approved by RDBC prior to Orientation and must be booked using RDBC discount group rate. Please contact finance@residentdoctorsbc.ca by May 26th to finalize your accommodations.  RDBC will not be responsible for additional room services charges.


Meals are reimbursable up to a maximum of C$25.00 for dinner the day prior to Orientation, only applicable to claimants outside of Lower Mainland area. Original receipts must accompany the claim. Beverage charges are considered part of the daily meal allowance.

Original Documentation 

Must be provided to substantiate expense claims. Travel agency invoices (without proof of payment), cancelled cheques, credit card statements or “paid” invoices, photocopies and carbon copies are not acceptable.

Total Reimbursement

Travel expenses (i.e. all costs excluding accommodation) are paid out to a maximum of $300 for new members whose programs are based in the Island, Sunshine Coast, Lower Mainland and Southern Interior Regions and up to a maximum of $500 for the Kootenay, Cariboo, Skeena, Northern and Peace Regions (i.e. all costs excluding accommodation).


Should be a permanent mailing address. Payments will be mailed to the address as indicated on the Expense Statement.

Claims and Original Receipts MUST be mailed to RDBC  post-marked by July 12th. Late submissions will NOT be accepted.

Mailing Address: #350 – 1665 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1X1

Please try to book your travel as early as possible to avoid high costs.

If you require additional information please contact finance@residentdoctorsbc.ca. 

That’s all for now, we look forward to having you there on June 26th! 

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author: Sasha Zalyvadna