Neurology Program – PYOS Recap

The Neurology residents recently got together to host a Plan Your Own Social. Here is what they had to say:

The Neurology Christmas Party

It was December 17th  

We were at Mohammad’s house 

And no one was quiet 

Not even a spouse 


There was snacking and gaming, 

Raucous laughter to boot,  

Unhinged competition,  

And a toddler, so cute 


We had juniors and seniors,  

With family to list, 

And because we adore them, 

A Peds Neurologist  


Then holiday olympics,  

With Team 1 and Team 2,  

The first was the victor 

With such talent! Who knew? 


There were sweaters for gifting 

R2s to R1s 

And we had proper catering,  

No one got the runs 


We had minimal alcohol, 

We’re buzzed on our own 

With bubly and cola,  

No one drank alone 


A night to remember 

Good food and good cheer, 

Thank you for supporting 

Our jolly new year 


-Danielle Weber-Adrian  

If your program is interested in receiving funding for a Plan Your Own Social, visit us for more info.

author: Diana Martinez