Nephrology PYOS Recap

During this time of social distancing, Nephrology recently got together for a virtual Plan Your Own Social. Here is what they had to say:

“We were planning to have a social, but then the COVID pandemic set in and we pivoted to having a virtual gathering, with the support of RDBC! Everyone ordered their own dinner and we ate together over Zoom. We were able to debrief about the current situation, meet our co-fellow’s newborn baby, and play some hilarious online games. Overall, the virtual social was a huge success and we would encourage other programs to consider organizing a similar event over the coming months, while our ability to host in-person gatherings is limited. It was a great boost for team morale!”

If your program is interested in receiving funding for a Plan Your Own Social, visit us for more info.

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author: Sasha Zalyvadna