Movember 2022 – Vote for Best Moustache!

Hey, Residents!

Movember is now over, and thanks to your participation, we will be donating $240 to the Movember Foundation. A enormous thank you to all our residents who participated.

We are happy to announce the program who will be receiving Academic Half Day Lunch funding: congratulations to Urology!. If you’re a resident in this program, congratulations, and a big thank you for participating! The senders of your group submissions have been contacted by us with details.

With the coming of December, the second part of our annual contest is here: resident voting for best moustache. The winner will have their pick of a $100 Amazon gift card or $100 virtual gift card to a location of their choice.

Residents, are you ready to vote? Visit our website to browse the entries and vote for your favourite. Voting is open until Friday, December 9, 12 PM PST.

Thank you all once again for participating, and see you for Movember 2023!

author: Diana Martinez