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Meet your new Board of Directors!

By Navpreet 0

Dear Residents,

I am pleased to introduce you to your 2017 – 2018 Board of Directors.

Dr. Aleksandar Brezar, R1, Rural Okanagan Family Practice
Dr. Geoff Frost, R2, Physiatry
Dr. Adam Humble, R2, Anesthesiology
Dr. Marcella Jones, R1, Rural Okanagan Family Practice
Dr. Odion Kalaci, R3, Pediatrics
Dr. Jesse Kancir, R2, Public Health and Preventative Medicine with Family Medicine
Dr. David Kim, R2, Emergency Medicine
Dr. Nicholas Monfries, R2, Emergency Medicine
Dr. Emily Stewart, R2, Emergency Medicine
Dr. Charlie Walsh, R3, Internal Medicine
Dr. James Wang, R2, Pediatrics

In total, 1359 ballots were sent out to the membership.  269 Members voted, for a 20% voter turn out.

With regards to resending the ballots, the issue was found and managed quickly, and I can confirm it had no discernable outcome or effect on this election.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email me via Resident Doctors of BC at 604-876-7636 or info@residentdoctorsbc.ca.


Dr. Vishal Varshney
Immediate Past President & Elections Officer
Resident Doctors of BC”

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