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Innovation Grants

Achieve the impossible with 150K in grants and priceless connections

I have great admiration for physicians, medical students and residents. Given my experience, it would be hard not to. Whether I speak personally or professionally, I am routinely humbled by those at each stage of the medical profession. The dedication and commitment of the physicians that I have encountered—at Joule™ , but also in my life—are truly inspirational. It’s the type of thing that makes you want to respond in some way. And now, as the CEO of Joule, I can.

It’s not easy to be a physician. All of us at Joule know this and as such, everything we do, we do to make it easier for physicians to be at their best. It’s a pretty easy undertaking when a physician’s best is tied to patient care.

One of the things my team and I are working hard at doing is making it easier for physician innovators to bring their ventures from idea to commercialization more easily.

This is a two-fold process.

On one hand it is about encouraging would-be innovators to dare to achieve the impossible. Through the Joule Innovation grant program we provide a purse of $150K in flexible funding to five Canadian Medical Association members to help them invest in medical solutions designed to improve patient care. We had tremendous response to our first round of grants in 2016, but we have changed our program this year to better reflect the needs and interests of members. This year we are focused on providing for late stage, early stage and social innovation ventures. If this resonates with you and your venture, maybe you have been looking for financial, moral and peer support; I encourage you to apply today.

But developing a venture is only half the challenge. This is where the “other hand” comes in. One of the key challenges to commercializing a venture is the ability to take that venture and make it available to a broader market. Joule is working in this area as well—developing partnerships so we can help break down the barriers to scalability and commercialization. The types of innovations we’re seeing from physicians are the types of things with the potential to help millions of people. Innovation isn’t easy and neither is supporting it—but again, it’s not that hard to justify when it is tied to patient care.

So, if you are an innovator, I want to help. With the power of Joule behind me, I think I can. If it isn’t through an innovation grant or our work to make scalability a reality, it might just be in our ability to create connections—something that will soon be a reality with the introduction of our new innovation platform (which is now another way to apply for a grant) designed to give physicians the ability to engage on matters of innovation. We’re pretty excited to be going in this direction—I hope you’ll be part of this journey.

Time is running out – there are now two ways to apply for a Joule Innovation grant – advance your venture today! Deadline to apply is May 1.

Article written by: Lindee David, CEO, Joule

author: Melissa Nilan