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Incoming Residents: How to Access the Members Section

Hey, incoming residents!

Your first day as a resident is on the horizon, and with the official start of residency comes your access to the Members section of our (Resident Doctors of BC) website. Rest assured that you most likely already have an account with us: UBC sends us a list of incoming residents that we use to create accounts for you. Your new account will become active on July 1, 2020.

Here is how to access your RDBC account, and the Members section, on July 1:

  1. RDBC accounts use the email you have registered with UBC. If you can’t remember the email address you used, or are not receiving the email mentioned in step 2, send an email to info@residentdoctorsbc.ca with your full name and we will let you know the address your account is registered under.
  2. You will need to create a password. To create a password, navigate to the Members section (https://rdbc.wpengine.com/members/) of our website and click “Log in with NeonCRM”. Click “I forgot my login name or password” on the members log in screen. Use the email address you registered with UBC to send this password link to your inbox. Click the link in your inbox to create your password.
    1. Be sure to check your Junk folder if you are not receiving the password reset email! If it’s still not there, send us an email (see step 1).
  3. Log in to your account using the email address and password you have just set. You will not be able to access the Members section until July 1.

If you are having trouble setting your password, or can’t remember the email address UBC has on file for you, send us an email to info@residentdoctorsbc.ca.

Your RDBC account lets you change the information in your profile (email, physical address, etc), view and RSVP for events, and access the Members only section and detailed information on your benefits, LTD, discounts, and more. The Members section is full of useful resources for your residency, and we advise you to thoroughly explore it.

author: Sasha Zalyvadna