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Hey Residents, we asked, and you told us: How you personally stay well during cold & flu season!

By Navpreet 0

Our Residents weighed in on what they personally do to stay well during cold & flu season, and the top results are in: Get your flu shot, drink lots of tea, wash your hands, and keep up the physical exercise!

Plenty of great considerations below on how others take care of themselves during the wetter months. We’re announcing the winner next week (so keep an eye out for your name in the rounds!) but for now, enjoy some of the entries so far:

  • Making sure I continue to incorporate regular (or semi-regular) exercise into my weekly routine, and targeting 5 fruits + veggies a day. Also, hand hygiene and generally trying to avoid spending too much time around small children 😉
  • I get my influenza vaccination 🙂
  • Maintain going to the gym three times a week at minimum.
  • Take a warm bath reading a book to de-stress and keep the sinuses open!
  • Always pack a mini umbrella because wet and cold is way worse than dry and cold.
  • My personal wellness tips are: schedule things that I enjoy in advance to look forward to during long work days, meal prep before each overnight call shift, and go for a stroll and visit new coffee shops along the way.
  • 1) exercise and sleep (when permitted as a resident)
    2) raw ginger honey lemon tea
    3) quarantine my partner into the guest bedroom when he gets sick
    4) tons of hand sanitizer at work, and avoiding kids coughing in your face
  • Taking regular time for relaxation, meditation and mindfulness to keep the mind healthy and reduce stress
  • Making sure to take my vitamins every day and going to the gym frequently 🙂
  • Hand washing, eating well and sleeping as much as possible!
  • Flu vaccine, balanced diet and enough rest
  • Wash hands alllll the time
  • My personal wellness tip is to not only wash hands regularly, but also sanitize my cell phone before leaving the hospital at the end of the work day.
  • I wash my hands regularly, obey the infection control precautions, get plenty of exercise and eat a balanced diet!
  • One of my favorite tips is using a wake-up light to get used to getting up in the dark mornings.
  • Drink lots of water!


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author: Navpreet