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Have You Been Fit-Tested for Your N95 Respirator?

In light of the recent coronavirus, we would like to remind residents of the necessity of being prepared to use appropriate safety gear, including being fit-tested for their N95 respirator. Oftentimes in the case of a viral outbreak, medical staff may find that they have not been properly fitted with the necessary equipment for working with patients. This lack of preparation can delay the patient receiving care, and put physician health at risk by having the physician treat a patient without the appropriate protection.

We encourage all residents to undergo their fitting for the N95 respirator prior to or during the start of their residency to ensure that they are not putting their health at risk, and/or are able to treat patients quickly and adequately when such a time may come in their careers. If you have not been fit tested yet, please be sure to book your own session.

From the VCH website:

“Healthcare Staff use an N95 respirator when providing care or services to a patient under airborne isolation precautions, such as tuberculosis or SARS. A Fit-Test is a series of procedures used to determine if the N95 respirator provides an adequate seal around the face. The session takes about 15 minutes to complete for each employee and involves the actual test as well as education on donning/doffing methods. For your annual N95 fit testing, please check with your department.”

To find out more on booking your own fitting session, please reach out to your department for more information.

As always, preventative measures such as regular hand-washing and wearing proper eyewear are also encouraged to prevent the spread of illness, and to protect physician health.

author: Sasha Zalyvadna