Happy Father’s Day! Parenting Resources for Residents

Happy Father’s Day to all our resident fathers and fathers-to-be! Parenthood is tough for everyone, and residency makes it even harder. To all the fathers balancing fatherhood and call shifts, studying and long hours—you’ve got this! To all the fathers-to-be anxious and excited for this chapter of their lives—you’ve got this too!
  1. Our website has a dedicated Parenting section that covers Parental Leave. Before leave, during leave, and after returning to work cover topics such as your finances, adoption, and childcare.
  2. The UBC Resident Parent Guide has been put together by residents, for resident parents. Check out their website for resources like activities while on leave and wellness resources!
  3. Employee Wellness (currently transitioning to LifeWorks) offers services specific to parenting. If you ever feel overwhelmed—which all parents do!—they offer counselling services to work through what’s on your mind and in your life.
Residency is busy, but is there that special father figure in your life? Why not give them a call today and let them know how much you appreciate them.

author: Sasha Zalyvadna