Foundation for Advancing Family Medicine – Awards & Grants for Residents

Awards and grants exclusive to family medicine residents are now available. The deadline to submit nominations or applications for all opportunities listed below is June 20, 2019. 

  • FAMILY MEDICINE RESIDENT LEADERSHIP AWARDS: 17 awards are available, one from each universityAll nominations submitted for this award will be forwarded to the CFPC’s Section of Teachers Executive for the selection of the Murray Stalker Award. We encourage you to consider recognizing a resident not previously nominated for a Medical Student Leadership Award.
  • FAMILY MEDICINE RESIDENT AWARDS FOR SCHOLARLY ACHIEVEMENT: 17 awards are available, one from each university. All nominations submitted on behalf of Francophone family medicine residents will be forwarded to the Awards Committee of the Quebec College of Family Physicians for the selection of the NADINE ST-PIERRE AWARD. You can also submit a nomination for NADINE ST-PIERRE directly to the Quebec Chapter.  
  • RESEARCH AWARDS FOR FAMILY MEDICINE RESIDENTS: 2 awards are available to recognize family medicine residents (R1 or R2) for excellent research carried out and completed prior to June 1, 2019. 
  • PATIENT EDUCATION GRANTS IN FAMILY MEDICINE RESEARCH: Up to 3 $2,000 grants are available to recognize and encourage family medicine residents to become involved in the planning of patient education. Residents must independently apply directly to the CFPC Honours and Awards Program. 
  • INDIGENOUS RESIDENT LEADERSHIP AWARD: This award recognizes a top First Nations, Metis, or Inuit resident in Canada who has shown a commitment to a career in family medicine. The selected recipient for the Indigenous Resident Leadership Award will be forwarded to the CFPC’s Section of Teachers Executive for the selection of the Murray Stalker Award.

Applications and nominations must be submitted online. For more information about any of the above opportunities, or to submit a nomination or application, please visit https://fafm.cfpc.ca/h-a/opportunities-residents/.

Have questions or need help? Please contact:

Nancy Wallace
Honours & Awards Coordinator

awards@cfpc.ca | 1-800-387-6197, ext. 385

author: Sasha Zalyvadna