Family Medicine – South Okanagan PYOS Recap

The Family Medicine residents in South Okanagan recently got together for a virtual trivia night. Here is what they had to say:

“We had a very fun and successful virtual trivia night! The residents and plus ones were grouped off into teams of two. One resident was the host. Each resident was able to purchase a meal of their choosing to eat while we had a trivia showdown. We had six rounds of ten questions each, on a variety of topics! The teams wrote out their answers on paper and sent a picture of them to the host at the end of each topic. The host then updated the teams on the leaderboard and shared the answers for the round before moving to the next topic. It was a tight race right until the very end, where one team came out on top!

Pros: Fun to test our knowledge on non-medicine things! Great chance to socialize, eat a meal “together” virtually.

Cons: Be prepared with tie breaker questions, we almost needed them! A bit of work to prepare in advance (for the host). Plan ahead!”

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author: Sasha Zalyvadna