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Enter Our Financial Pulse Contest and Win Big!

Hey, residents!

Have you been following the Financial Pulse this past year? The resident team behind it has been hard at work delivering financial know-how, tips and advice catered specifically to BC residents. On May 19, the team was excited to launch the final module of PLAN, BUILD, SAVE, bringing the three modules to completion. The Financial Pulse now supports all three modules, full of videos on various helpful topics to residents, as well as several articles and calculator tools to assist residents with building their financial knowledge base.

With the completion of the modules, we are happy to announce a contest for all our residents who have been following the progress of the Financial Pulse so far, or, are interested in just getting started! Read on for the details below.


  1. 2 x $100 virtual gift card to a retailer of your choice, random draw
  2. 8 x $25 virtual gift card to a retailer of your choice, random draw

To enter the contest, please submit via form

  1. A screenshot of a completed module. This can be any one of the three modules, and must include all topics showing as completed.
  2. Your favourite Pearl, and why it is your favourite.
  3. Answer the 3 questions found on the submission form.
  4. Optional Bonus entry for the lesser draw: let us know your favourite part of the Financial Pulse and your hopes for its future content.

This contest will run from Wednesday, June 15 to Monday, July 18.

To enter the contest, please submit your entry here.

author: Sasha Zalyvadna