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Emergency Room: Life + Death at VGH Season 3

Check out some of your colleagues on the Knowledge Network’s Emergency room.

In Episode 1 which was filmed on Christmas Eve highlights a number of cases, some involving residents from emergency (Drs. Yoo – Happy Birthday!, Jang, and Migneault), plastics (Dr. Omeis) and Neurosurgery (Dr. Fatehi – nice lanyard!)

Episode 2 continues the holiday season into New Years Eve and includes other residents rotating through Emergency, including Dr. Forbes from urology (time for a new lanyard!) assisting with a stab wound and later with a car accident victim who arrived by helicopter; Dr. Yoo from Emergency Medicine handling a severed finger; Dr. Karpov from Emergency Medicine assisting with a car accident victim; Dr. Tang from Family Emergency Medicine assisting with a workplace incident, Dr. Stringer from Emergency Medicine assisting with a different car accident victim and Dr. Stockton assisting an elderly patient with neck pain.

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author: Michelle Seymour