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Executive Director Farewell Message

Farewell Message from Pria Sandhu, Executive Director


Dear Members,

As my tenure as Executive Director of Resident Doctors of BC comes to an end, I look back on the past nine years with pride and nostalgia. I have been involved in three rounds of bargaining, the development of three strategic plans, several lengthy – and ultimately successful – resident legal battles, three dues deductions, and the acquirement of increased tax benefits for all residents. Furthermore, I led the association through an office move and full rebrand, and the development of our event and service offerings. I have seen exponential growth in both our membership and in our identity as the voice for BC’s resident doctors.

While ensuring a fair contract, and adherence to that contract, has been foremost in my priorities over the past decade, it has also been my goal to ensure the wellbeing of residents in both their professional and personal lives. I have directly counselled residents through a variety of academic issues, facilitated the development of the many different events and workshops we offer, and established the Plan Your Own Social initiative. I sought to improve member engagement through the expansion and continuous improvement of our communication channels.

It has been important to me to establish Resident Doctors of BC as an significant member of the healthcare community. As such, I fostered strong, positive, and mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders and the government, distinguishing us as the formative authority on resident interests. We may be a small organization compared to our allied health neighbours, but we are the future of medicine, and it’s important that residents are respected and heard.

I find great comfort in knowing that the strength of our organization will continue to serve our members and many more residents in the future. I have confidence that your new Executive Director will continue to build on these achievements, and look forward to seeing the progress of the association through the next round of bargaining and into the years to come.

I have been honored to work alongside a great team of staff, consultants, and stakeholder partners who have accepted and responded to the challenges our organization has faced over the last decade.

Lastly, I would like to share my appreciation for the residents who have generously given up their free time to be board members and volunteers. They have continuously encouraged and participated in ensuring the resident voice is heard in the healthcare system. Together we have worked diligently to move Resident Doctors of BC forward and make each year better.

I wish all our residents the upmost success in their careers. Thank you for the positive enriching experience you have given me throughout my time as your Executive Director.

The best is yet to come!

Pria Sandhu2_cropSincerely,

Pria Sandhu
Executive Director, 2008 – 2017
Resident Doctors of BC


author: Melissa Nilan