Resident Achievements – October 2017

Dr. Fatima Allibhai – Canadian Psychiatric Association Resident Chair

Dr. Allibhai has been named Resident Psyche Chair at the Canadian Psychiatric Association.

Dr. Christopher Cheung –  CCSA Dr. Charles Kerr Award

Dr. Cheung was awarded the  Canadian Cardiovascular Society Academy Dr. Charels Kerr Award at the 2017 Canadian Cardiovascular Congress. This award is in memory of Dr. Kerr, and the recipient is selected on their humanitarian characteristics, honouring Dr. Kerr’s legacy through advocacy for those in need of assistance and support.

Dr. Thomas Roston – Canadian Cardiovascular Society Bayer Resident Vascular Award

Dr. Roston was awarded the 1st prize after defending  his proposal during a symposium  at the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress of over 450 delegates.


His research project is Cardiac RyAnodine receptor Variants in Early-onset Atrial Fibrillation: The CRAVE-AF Study.



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author: Michelle Seymour