Divisions of Family Practice: Family Medicine Resource Guide

By Navpreet 0

Divisions of Family Practice has launched a new one-stop web portal created to make it easier for new family doctors to join BC communities.

It has a variety of easy-to-access information to recruitment efforts including:

  • Preparing for successful family doctor recruitment and retention.
  • Attracting new family doctors.
  • Engaging family doctors in community life.
  • Supporting new family doctors in obtaining the appropriate licensing and privileges.

For new doctors and doctors moving to BC, they provide information about:

  • Applying to medical school.
  • Licensing and immigration processes.
  • Lifestyle options across BC.
  • How to find a BC job practicing family medicine.

This is a great resource toolkit and source of support for residents, no matter where they are located or what stage they’re at in their careers.

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author: Navpreet