Changes to RDBC By-Laws


Thank you to all those who came out to our Special General Meeting on June 13, 2018, and participated in voting for these important changes to the Resident Doctors of BC By-Laws. To reflect the voted upon changes, the By-Laws section of our website has been accurately updated.

The changes include:

  1. Fiscal year end date has been moved to March 31st of each year;
  2. Audit reports shall be made available to all interested members, and not only presented at the Annual General Meeting;
  3. The election timeline for the RDBC Board of Directors has been moved up, and will coincide better with New Member Orientation;
  4. As part of this, the process in regard to Board vacancies has been altered;
  5. Elected Board member term length now allows for a second optional year in the position, provided they meet the code of conduct requirements;
  6. Annual General Meeting has been moved to August.

The new By-Laws are as follows:

Article IV(3)

No later than the end of July each year, Residents, who are members in good standing with Resident Doctors of BC, will be elected to the available positions.

Article IV(5)

Any member of Resident Doctors of BC interested in one of the elected positions on the Board of Directors may submit his or her name, in writing, with the support of two (2) other members to the Resident Doctors of BC’s office by the deadline provided each year.

Article IV(6)

A period of electronic voting, not exceeding seven (7) days, shall then occur wherein each resident may vote for nominated members to serve as Directors of Resident Doctors of BC. This online election process shall be overseen by an arms-length disinterested third party election oversight service provider. Only this party shall have any and all access to the election system.

Article IV(7)

In any case in which only the exact number of available positions or fewer have members nominated for the Board of Directors, and those members have indicated acceptance of the nomination within the time limits and in the manner prescribed by the By-Laws, each member will have the opportunity to vote “yes” or “no” to confirm the nomination by acclamation by electronic ballot in the same manner as Article IV(5). A simple majority of voting members voting “yes” will constitute election as Director.

Article V(8)

Each Director of the Board of Directors shall be elected for the period of one (1) year, with the option to renew for an additional year. The additional year will be based on adherence to the code of conduct and conflict of interest policy. Each Director shall hold office until he/she dies, resigns, is removed, is disqualified, or until his/her successor is elected and takes office.

Article IX(1)

There shall be an Annual General Meeting during August.

Article XII(2)

The auditors shall submit a report on their audit and the financial position of Resident Doctors of BC. The report will be made available to all interested members once completed.

Article XV(1)

The fiscal year of Resident Doctors of BC shall end on the 31st day of March, in each year.





Dr. David Kim

President of Resident Doctors of BC

author: Sasha Zalyvadna