Celebrating Resident Awareness Week 2020

Happy Resident Awareness Week, residents!

Every year, we ensure that our Twitter remains extra-active all week long (February 10-14 is the RAW 2020 date!) to help bring awareness of residents and their work to the Twitter sphere. We partner up with Resident Doctors of Canada to provide online facts on residency and personal stories of residents on their work.

This year, RDBC and a group of residents will be attending a variety of events at the BC Legislature Building in Victoria on February 13. RDBC has been working with the Ministry of Health as part of the on-going ministry and resident engagement initiative to host a meet and greet breakfast with MLAs, a Q&A period, and the second Ministry of Health Engagement Dinner (read a recap of the first one). We are looking forward to the day and the chance to chat with MLAs and answer any questions they may have—as well as provide our residents an opportunity to discuss their residency and work!

The week of February 10 – 14, 2020, has once again been officially declared as Resident Awareness Week in BC. You can find this year’s proclamation at our office!

Resident Doctors of Canada has released a letter for this year’s Resident Awareness Week, which you can find here.

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author: Sasha Zalyvadna