Board of Directors Election & Nomination Information

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Curious about joining the Board? Read about the ways you can get involved within your Medical Community as a Resident below:

The Board of Directors is the governing body of Resident Doctors of BC and is subject to the provisions of the Constitution and By-Laws when the Annual General Meeting (AGM) is not in session. Board Members are responsible for planning Resident Doctors of BC initiatives, identifying and responding to resident issues, and ensuring that the association adheres to the Mission Statement. Members of the Board have significantly influenced residency in BC.

Board Members, in addition to adhering to the Constitution and By-Laws, are expected to:

  • Develop a sound knowledge of Resident Doctors of BC’s operations, the Collective Agreement, Constitution and By-Laws
  • Work with care and diligence to the best interest of the membership of Resident Doctors of BC
  • Attend the annual Board of Directors training session and familiarize themselves with the principals of Board governance.
  • Soundly manage the policies of Resident Doctors of BC
  • Serve on at least one Resident Doctors of BC internal committee
  • Always act in the best interest of the Resident Doctors of BC membership
  • Complete an annual evaluation of the Board
  • Encourage member participation, by attending events and engaging in social media and other communication campaigns

Board members administer appropriate discretion regarding information disclosed to them during their duties. They shall also maintain confidentiality regarding Resident Doctors of BC matters where disclosure may harm the interests of the members.

The Board of Directors is elected annually by the membership. Once the eleven members have been elected as the new Board of Directors, this Board will then vote for each available position in separate votes.


Nomination Form: https://rdbc.wpengine.com/governance/board-of-directors/bod-nomination-form/

  • President

    The President serves as the Chair of the Board of Directors and is the face of Resident Doctors of BC.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Representing Resident Doctors of BC as the face of the organization, including but not limited to:
      • Liaising with the media
      • Engaging external stakeholders
      • Hosting and attending Resident Doctors of BC events
      • Establishing and maintaining political relationships
    • Advocate on behalf of the membership within the Federal and Provincial governments.
    • Liaising with affiliates and reporting to the Board any pertinent information
    • Chairing Board Meetings and preparing the agenda
    • Signing officer
    • Submitting an annual report at the AGM to the membership

    Committee Memberships

    • Communications (member)
    • Executive (Chair)
    • Finance (member)
    • Staffing (Chair)
    • Resident Doctors of Canada Board of Directors (President Class member)
    • Doctors of BC Board of Directors (observer)
  • Immediate Past President

    The Immediate Past President is responsible for maintaining continuity between the current and previous year’s Board. Chief responsibilities of the Immediate Past President are to forward their connections and partnerships to the new President and to serve as institutional memory for the organization.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Provide context and history to the new Board
    • Provide support to the President and other Executive Members, as needed
    • Signing Officer
    • Submitting an annual report at the AGM to the membership

    Committee Membership

    • Executive (member)
    • Staffing (member)
    • Any committee membership(s) as delegated by the President
  • Vice President

    The Vice-President in the absence of the President carries out all the presidential responsibilities. He or she is also responsible for ensuring Resident Doctors of BC maintains a focus on its Strategic Plan.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Ensuring the Board maintains a focus on the Resident Doctors of BC Strategic Plan
    • Actively engage Resident Doctors of BC members
    • Ensuring Resident Doctors of BC committees are meeting their mandates
    • Signing Officer
    • Executing presidential duties in the absence of the President
    • Submitting an annual report at the AGM to the membership

    Committee Membership

    • Communications (member)
    • Council of Program Representatives (Chair)
    • Executive (member)
    • Health and Wellness (Chair)
  • Director of Finance

    The Director of Finance oversees the financial operations of Resident Doctors of BC to ensure appropriate use of funds and that financial regulations are met.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Assisting in preparation and presentation of the annual budget to the Board for approval
    • Presenting quarterly financials to the Board
    • Overseeing Resident Doctors of BC investments and bringing recommendations to the Board
    • Presenting the audited Financial Statements to the membership at the AGM
    • Signing Officer
    • Submitting an annual report at the AGM

    Committee Membership

    • Executive (member)
    • Finance (Chair)
    • Staffing (member)
  • Director of Communications

    The Director of Communications is responsible for overseeing and approving communications to external entities and the Resident Doctors of BC membership.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Overseeing Resident Doctors of BC communication initiatives
    • Identifying and responding promptly and with consistent messaging to issues in the media that affect residents
    • Submitting an annual report at the AGM
    • Signing officer

    Committee Membership

    • Communications (Chair)
    • Executive (member)
  • Directors

    Directors are voting members of the Board, who support Resident Doctors of BC by joining or chairing various committees. Directors also liaise with other residents to promote Resident Doctors of BC and address member concerns.

    Key Responsibilities

    • Attending and actively participating in Board Meetings
    • Serve on at least one Resident Doctors of BC committee
    • Presenting resident concerns to the Board
  • Official Observers

    Official Observers are accepted by motion at the first Board Meeting. They have a voice, but no vote. They are invited to attend all Board Meetings and activities, and receive all the same communications.

author: Navpreet