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Board of Directors 2015 – 2016

Resident Doctors of BC is pleased to announce the election of Dr. Vishal Varshney as President. Dr. Varshney attended the University of Calgary for both his undergraduate and medical education. He is currently a third year resident in Anesthesiology.


Joining Dr. Varshney on the Executive are Dr. Katie Beadon, Immediate Past President; Dr. Paxton Bach, Vice President; Dr. François Pomerleau, Director of Finance; and Dr. Goldis Mitra, Director of Communications. Additional Directors on the Board are Drs. Angela Babuk, Clark Funnell, Arun Jagdeo, Eda Karacabeyli, Mary Masotti, Salina Teja, and Kateryna Vostretsova. The Official Observers are Drs. Vik Ahluwalia, Tina Allibhai, Jesse Kancir, Aida Moghadam, Kelli O’Reilly, Robin Patyal, Gunpreet Singh, Michael Suen, Magdalena Szumilas, and Nazlee Tabarsi.


Resident Doctors of BC is a certified trade union, which represents the interests of over 1300 residents in collective bargaining. Resident physicians are a diverse, well-rounded, group of medical doctors who are enrolled in postgraduate training programs during their transition to become independent medical practitioners.

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author: Michelle Seymour