Blood Donation Drive: Donate For a Good Cause, and Win!

Resident Doctors of BC has just started our very first Blood Drive. We’re going to have a bloody good time!

What: Blood donation drive at Canadian Blood Services (CBS)
Who: Residents from ALL programs as well as FRIENDS and FAMILY
When: NOW until Resident Awareness Week (Feb 2019)
Where: Any Canadian blood services location across BC (map)


  • To give back to our community by filling a need that is close to our hearts;
  • To raise awareness of who resident doctors are;
  • To have an inter-specialty competition with $$$ PRIZES*


  • Sign up for our Partners for Life (PFL) team online [RESI913965] (you must do this for your donation to be linked to our team! They can’t do it for you on site. You can sign up after donating and it counts. If you have donated within the last year, your donation will count towards our total).
  • Take a picture of yourself donating, or with your sticker
  • Self-report through our GOOGLE FORM to track your donation to your specialty. You will also be entered into our WEEKLY DRAW* (if you donated within the last year, please note that in the comments box. You are eligible for the first week’s draw.)

Note: Same process for family members or friends.



  • We encourage GROUP DONATIONS. If you’ve donated before, grab a few who haven’t and book a group appointment at your local CBS location.
  • CBS also offers large blocks of bookings, say if you wanted to pick a day to donate as an entire program.



1) What if I am ineligible to donate?

There are many reasons people are ineligible to donate. We still want your participation!

  • Donate units for research! More info here.

This aren’t tracked through PFL, but please report these donations through the google form so you can WIN PRIZES*

  • Recruit and encourage others!

2) Can I donate more than once?

Yes! (But there are restrictions set by CBS)



– Each Monday, everyone who donated for RDBC the previous week will be entered into a draw to win a $100 gift card. If your name is chosen, you will need to provide us with your donation picture.

– In Feb 2019, the top 3 programs will win $500 towards a social!



Feb 9, 2019: Tailgate Party


So please, join the RDBC in donating our RBCs for a great cause!

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author: Sasha Zalyvadna